New Style ATX Power Supply MOD

19 May


Yet another ATX power supply modified into a general purpose supply. If you ever need to do this, there’s a heap of instructions on the net. Exempli gratia:–%3E-Lab-Bench-Power-Supply-Conversion/ and

I’ve done a number of these, usually trying to maximise the number of available voltages

Here’s a typical example, with output connections for Ground, -PowerEnable, Ground, 3.3v, 5v, 12v, Ground, PowerOk, Ground, 5v StandBy, -12v, -5v    (all the separate ground connections make it easier to wire up). Very flexible and all those connections come out, almost, neatly into a standard 12 way chocolate block.


This time, however, I knew I only wanted +12V and Ground, and I wanted the maximum possible current. I chopped off all the wires I could and hardwired the -PowerEnable to Ground internally (and the 3.3v and 3.3v sense, just in case it had some effect).  There’s a 5W resistor between +5v and Ground as well to add some load. Then I clumped all the +12V and all the remaining Ground wires into big bundles and soldered them into some 3/8″ copper tubing. Into the other end of the copper tubing went some spare 8 guage wire I had lying around for another project. This was butane torch territory, as even my 100W soldering gun wouldn’t handle it. Copious heatshrink over everything when I finished. Ugly, but it should be powerful.



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