Global warming from CO2 – warnings from 1964

1 Jun

Here’s an offputting article from Aug 1964 issue of Popular Mechanics:

The article continues with scary warnings such as:

According to the Foundation, there is some concern that, in the not too distant future, the increase in the carbon dioxide level may cause the average temperature of the planet to rise as much as 12 to 13 degrees F.
“A change of even half this great,” says the report, “would be more than sufficient to cause vast changes in the climates of the Earth; the polar ice caps would almost surely melt, inundating many densely settled coast areas, including the cities of New York and London … Many life forms would be annihilated both on land and in the sea.”

I suspect that the scientists of 1964, if they saw the latest research would not be too surprised.

If they saw what a pathetic effort is being made to prevent this catastrophe, they’d probably be not just surprised, but truly shocked and horrified.


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