Joel Spolsky’s Bionic Office

4 Jun

Back in 2003, technology/programming blogger Joel Spolsky wrote a detailed article about the new offices they had fitted out for Fog Creek Software. By 2008 they’d outgrown them and moved on (and up) to even fancier offices – there’s an article about those offices as well.

Many a programmer has looked with envious eyes at those offices, particularly the cunning way that there are more offices than windows, but everyone gets a window view without sacrificing privacy.

Nice looking offices:

But also flat out useful things:

Every desk has twenty, that’s right, twenty outlets. Four of them are colored orange and have uninterruptible power coming off of a UPS in the server closet, so you don’t need a UPS in every office.” and “Every office has its own 8-port network switch, so you can plug in your laptop and your desktop and“.

And, if it all sounds over the top, Joel makes his reasons clear:

Your business success will depend on the extent to which programmers essentially live at your office. For this to be a common choice, your office had better be nicer than the average programmer’s home. There are two ways to achieve this result. One is to hire programmers who live in extremely shabby apartments. The other is to create a nice office.




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