Name That Movie

10 Jun

A quiz from the 1970s, this quiz by Rob Nolan, describes the plot of 5 blockbuster movies:

1. Dismayed by her parents’ callousness, a teenager runs away from home and joins a commune. Because her background is different from those of the others in the commune, she is at first regarded with suspicion. But through hard work and favors, she wins the members’ friendship and is soon sleeping with all of them. A jealous drug dealer, however, slips her a dangerous drug and she O.D.s. The girl is close to death when a stranger comes along and offers first aid. She recovers, goes away with the stranger and eventually marries a man in the same profession as her father.

2. Some nomads find a treasure in the desert but don’t tell anyone about it. Some time later, another group finds another treasure in a hole and doesn’t tell anyone, either. But, being somewhat brighter than those in the first bunch, they outfit a ship and go looking for more treasure. There’s a mutiny and everyone on board dies, except for one man who goes on looking, runs into some bad weather, lives in another country for many years and finally returns home.

3. Her first time away from home, a young girl crushes an old lady to death, murders the old lady’s sister, strikes a defenseless animal in the face, insults an old man, then returns home — but her folks don’t even ask her where she’s been.

4. Three kids are brought up to love their pop. The first kid tries to run pop’s business, but he bungles it. The second kid tries to open a branch office but fails also. The third kid cuts short a European trip, takes over the business and, with a few shrewd moves, puts the business back on top again. In the interim, Pop dies, but he goes with the knowledge that the third kid loved his pop best of all.

5. An illiterate ne’er-do-well from the sticks meets an actress from the city, who turns his head. He tries to convince her to stay home with him, but she and her producer friend convince him to go to New York and become a star. In Manhattan, they decide to put on a big show. Opening night is a disaster, but finally the sophisticated urbanites recognize the illiterate’s talents and he makes a lasting impression on the city.

1. Snow White and the Sevel Dwarfs
2. 2001: A Space Odyssey
3. The Wizard of Oz
4. The Godfather
5. King  Kong


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