With great power comes great responsibility – or not.

9 Jul

The come-on was a bit less subtle in the 1930s:

Don’t be unpopular, lonesome, or unhappy a minute longer. Now you can make your life what you want it to be – now can win admiration, success and big money – through the strange power of hypnotism. I’ll show you how to use this great force to help you master every situation or The Five Day Trial is FREE!

In just a few hours I’ll teach you the hidden secrets of Hypnotism – the methods used by the great operators – the amazing things you can accomplish once you understand this mighty power. You can use it to overcome obstacles, achieve your fondest ambitions and become MASTER of yourself, friends, and aquaintances – either sex. See for yourself how Hypnotism can banish fear, worry and opposition – improve your memory – increase your earnings – and force others to give you the good things in life you deserve!


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