“The Camouflage of Death” – sounds much better than “boobytrap”

11 Jul

From August 1918, a little item about German boobytraps:


Shall he lift the book or shall he not? No wonder he lays a doubting hand on his chin. If he has not been warned to be on the lookout, or he lets his curiosity get the better of caution there will be another casualty to report. Cunningly concealed wires lead from the innocent looking volumne to a death-dealing explosive.

Don’t start a fire in a stove left in an abandoned German shelter. You may find youself scattered over four countries. The fire is all laid ready for the match, but underneath the kindling a charge of explosives lies needing only a little heat to set it off.

Touch that shovel, Bill, and you die. The spring members of the clip will meet and the explosive will be electrically ignited.

That artfully drooping tree branch – touch it not. The trigger of a loaded pistol will be pulled if you do, and a keg of explosives will be set off. This was one of the first devices adopted by the Germans when they introduced the art of the camouflage of death.


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