Neccessity was Not the Mother

15 Jul

A small collection of seriously wacky ideas from December 1918 (Popular Science).

Why the War Office had a Bad Nightmare

Win-the-war devices actually proposed to the British Ministry

Inventive ingenuity is not confined to the Yankees, as was proved by the Britisher who suggested that buzzards be trained to fly to Essen and pick the mortar out of the Krupp chimneys.

No more moonlight for Hun air raiders. What will they do to the moon? Why, just blot it out with a beam of “black light.” And what is “black light”? Ask the inventor.

One of the cranks of war turned up this one: “Build a cement gun to squirt cement over the Heinies and petrify them”.

“Your suggestion will receive our earnest attention,” read the note acknowledging the suggestion that it would be easy to freeze clouds and mount artillery on them from airplanes.

Just as the Munitions Ministry called it a day and closed up shop came this one: “Shoot snakes into the Hun trenches by compressed air.” Having no snakes handy, they didn’t know whether to refer the suggestion to the Bureau of Animal Industry or to the Foreign Office.


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