Causes of car crashes

19 Jul

There’s little new here – this list from March 1919 isn’t that much different to one from 93 years later:

  • No chains, slippery road, too much speed – that’s the formula for a perfect smash. The results, when followed faithfully, may be seen here – wind-shield and top broken off and two wheels missing. The car turned completely over in the smash.

  • Poetic justice! The big car tried to crowd the little fellow into the ditch and got the worst of it.

  • Another case of “Forgot my chains.” Add a little too much speed and a sharp turn, and you don’t need imagination to guess the rest.

  • Both cars had their headlights on full when they met, and both drivers, blinded by the other fellow’s glare, misjudged the distance. The crashing head-on collision followed as a matter of course.

  • Tried to beat the train. If he’d won he’d have saved thirty seconds. For this he gambled his car and his life.

  • The driver of this car, which was rammed amidships by the truck in the picture, turned out of a lane into a busy main road without looking to see whether the way was clear.

  • Poor headlights were the cause of which this is the unpleasant effect. The driver simply tried to turn a corner before he got to it.


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