Random phrases and their offspring (via Google)

26 Jul

I applied my standard BabelFish(News Headlines) process and generated a series of odd phrases, then image searched them.

“Baker gets her roots of circle”

  • Ollie and Quentin – a cartoon series about a seagull and a lugworm

  • Zoo Babies – a gallery of cute things

“stores to feed your addiction”

  • Certified Book Pimp – nice logo

  • Some people turn to their smartphone a little too much

  • These really look like eyes on stalks to me – actually tropical plants

“marketing with the mat board”

  • A DIY tool for scoring paper

  • An Israeli campaign on behalf of distressed youth

  • Artist Kelly Mark – a gallery of interesting artworks

“pregnant radius”

  • A pregnancy advocate

“allocated on the eavesdropping”

  • A comment on liberty

  • An interesting article on how humans evolved large brains (fat storage)

  • An H.R. time capsule – 1943 Disney staff handbook


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