It could happen to anyone …

27 Jul

A style of advert you don’t see so often now, in this case from March 1940 Popular Mechanics:

  •  “NO FOREBODING of impending danger warned my wife and me as we walked home from town one night, pulling our two-year-old boy in his wagon,” writes Mr. Hoyt. “We were in the middle of a narrow footbridge, spanning a stream, when fate struck.”

  •  “SUDDENLY A WHEEL came off the wagon, hurling our baby into the black, swirling waters of the river. Luckily I had my flashlight with me. I switched it on as I jumped over the railing. Despite a thorough soaking, that light did not fail me.

  • “ITS BRIGHT, faithful beam disclosed my boy clinging to the branches of a floating tree! Those dependable ‘Eveready‘ fresh DATED batteries helped save our little boy’s life. I will never be without them in my flashlight!”

Note: An “Eveready” flashlight with “Eveready” batteries, will normally continue to burn under water.


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