MOBOT – Mobile Remote Manipulator

8 Aug

Here’s an early ROV (remote operated vehicle), from September 1960.

Marvelous Mobot Will Do Work Too Hot for Man

WITH electronic nerves, hydraulic muscles, and TV eyes, a robot whose arms are quite capable of playing golf or snuggling a blonde is ready to live far more dangerously than that. Mobot, as the remarkable man-substitute is called, will soon be at work in Albuquerque, N. M., in a radioactive world too “hot” for men to enter. The remote-controlled, mobile robot, built by Hughes Aircraft Co., will fetch, carry, take apart, and put away irradiated test materials in underground rooms next to a nuclear reactor. It will labor for Sandia Corp. and the Atomic Energy Commission at the end of a 200-foot leash of triaxial cable.

  • MURDEROUS IMPULSE seems to be driving Mobot to strangle its operator. Never fear, he has it completely under control. Three TV screens show him what Mobot is up to at all times.

  • MOBOT DRIVES LIKE A CAR, though with two gearshifts. One at left is for forward and reverse movements. One at right steers. Pistol grips control Mobot’s arms. Pedal is accelerator.

  • BATTERY OF SIGNAL MULTIPLEXERS handles all commands from the operator’s console to the Mobot. More than 100 different commands can be sent to Mobot through its triaxial cable.

  • It can stoop, squat, grow 10 feet tall, fetch and carry, handle power tools.

  • Hand-dusting gesture signals that Mobot is calling it a day. Those jawlike hands can operate power tools when the tools have special grips. Vehicle has its own battery and DC motor.


One Response to “MOBOT – Mobile Remote Manipulator”

  1. RW August 9, 2012 at 8:35 am #

    Now, if I had one of these, I could do the dishes while still sitting in the lounge watching TV. But what am I thinking, my 1950s-era Automatic Kitchen (or possibly the disposable plates) already have it covered. I love my retro-future 🙂

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