Subtlety in advertising

11 Aug

An advert from September 1940:

The 500 Pound Monster Grabbed Me in the Dark

A true experience of Richard Kroener, keeper of Gargantua, mighty gorilla owned by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

1. “ONE NIGHT I entered the compartment just outside Gargantua’s cage on a routine check-up and forgot for a moment that Gargantua was always waiting to kill me. Suddenly, with crushing force, he grabbed my left shoulder.

2. “ALMOST PARALYZED with horror, I thought the end had come. Then I remembered the flashlight in my right hip pocket. I whipped it out and turned the bright beam full into Gargantua’s cruel, glittering eyes.

3. “FOR AN INSTANT he glared into the hated light, then relaxed his grip and lumbered to the other side of the cage. Your dependable ‘Eveready’ fresh DATED batteries saved me from a horrible death that night. I will never be without them.


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