Modern medical devices

16 Aug

Well, modern at the time! This collection is from January 1920 Popular Science:

  • She is neither telephoning nor seeking haven in a costly bathhouse. A moment after this picture was taken she shut the door on herself and her irritated throat. She turned on the steam, let the device at the side flavor and permeate the little room with menthol, and long before the picture was developed she had developed perfect health.

  • The gas gong has not been rung, nor is the young woman drawing treasure from a near-by florist’s shop. She can’t sleep. She’s only a young miss, and he told her when he came back from war he’d probably – Well he’s due back next Monday, and she can’t sleep. This device removes the excess moisture from the lungs without pain or inconvenience, producing a soothing effect that terminates in sleep.

  • In a gymnasium suit this dignified man could obtain a maximum of embarrassment and a minimum of exercise. So, taking a position twenty feet from his own fireside, he takes the exercise for chest and shoulders that his physician has suggested. He pulls up the springs and they pull down the fatty tissue.

  • This young woman is not gratifying the almost universal desire for a moment in the spotlight. The big lamp she is facing gives off ultra-violet rays identical with those of the sun, and she is busy getting rid of her bronchitis or threatened tuberculosis. She wears goggles because, be it in a studio or on the road, a glaring light is not fit to look at.

  • A slight stomach-ache may become the center of one’s whole world. Below is a little cabinet containing four radiant lamps to throw heat and curative rays at the very point where the pain is unbearable. According to the inventor, the results are equivalent to those that might be obtained by the application of two thousand hot-water bags, one ton of plasters, and a sheaf of old-time prescriptions.

  • This is no effort on the part of the subject to toss a mean look at the world through a lorgnette. To he perfectly frank, the young woman has undergone a facial massage and shampoo at the hairdresser’s and is now removing the tired lines from under her pretty eyes (note unencumbered eye) with high-frequency current. She got up at dawn and is getting ready for the Midnight Frolic, to which she has a perfectly valid invitation.

  • This looks too comfortable to be scientific. The patient is undergoing hot and cold hosing to stimulate tired nerves, and, as any fire-horse can tell you, there’s nothing like it. The control table automatically regulates the temperature of the water and the health of the patient, and the accuracy of the operator increases with every treatment. Would you rather give it or get it?


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