Stop that pain

22 Aug


With Violet Ray, Vibration, Ozone, Medical Electricity. The four greatest curative powers generated by this GREAT NEW INVENTION!

Elco Health Generators at last are ready for you! If you want more health – greater power to enjoy the pleasures and delights about you, or if more beauty is your desire – write! Ask for the book on these inventions which has just been prepared. it will be sent to you without cost. It tells you how Elco Health Generators aid you in leaving the lethargy and hopelessness of bad health and weakness behind forever. Re-vitalize yourself. Bring Back Energy. Be wholly Alive. Write today!


Do not put this paper down without sending the coupon. Don’t go on as you are with pains and almost no life and energy. You owe it to yourself to be a better man or woman. You were put here to enjoy life – not just to drag through it. So do not rest another day until you have put your name on the coupon here. That will bring the whole story of these great new inventions. Do it today – now.

An amusing advertisment from February 1931 Popular Mechanics.

I might add that some friends found a machine that looked exactly like this, on sale for $20 at the local council recycling depot. Their sex lives were never the same again.


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