Mechanical Elephant

29 Aug

Cheap excitement for children, from October 1950.

  • This elephant lives on a gasoline diet. It can step along at 27 miles an hour with its load of thrilled youngsters.

Walking, waving its trunk and flapping its ears in a realistic fashion, a mechanical elephant may soon be popular at amusement centers because its “feed” bill is small. An attendant sits on the robot’s neck, operating the controls. The 8 ½-foot model is powered by an 8-horsepower engine and has a ½-inch thick “hide” of toughened paper. The exhaust pipe is hidden in the trunk. Made in England, the elephant contains 9000 parts and walks on a set of wheels concealed in the hollow feet. The elephant’s leg “bones” are filled with compressed air to add a natural “spring” to the ride.

  • Stripped of its tough skin, it looks like a plumber’s nightmare.


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