Homemade Explosive

5 Sep

Something tells me I might have more trouble requesting potassium chlorate from my chemist than was the case back in September 1931:

Homemade Explosive Splits Logs

Heavy logs can easily be split with a cheap explosive consisting of equal parts of granulated sugar and chlorate of potash, a household remedy often used for sore throat. A log, 24 in.  in diameter and 10 ft. long, was split with three tablespoonfuls of this mixture, which was poured into a 1-in. hole drilled in the center of the log about 1 ft. from the end. The explosive was set off with a length of fuse inserted in the hole, which was then tamped full of dirt. The chlorate of potash can he purchased at most drug stores for a few cents a pound, and the explosive is less dangerous to handle than other kinds. – S. E. Grower, Peru, Nebraska.

  • Large Log Split by Homemade Explosive of Sugar and Chlorate of Potash


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