An Unusual (Proposed) Aircraft

7 Sep

Back between the wars, Junkers proposed the huge J-1000 aircraft. Not only would it have been the largest (heavier than air) aircraft of its time, it was a radical design with a forward canard wing (which makes it look like it’s going backwards – the propellors are at the front) and passengers seated in the wing. This note is from December 1931:

Passengers to Be Carried in Wing of Giant “Duck” Being Built for Flight Over Atlantic

THE giant “J-1000,” called the “SuperDuck” because of its appearance, is to be built shortly in Germany. The big ship really is a “flying wing,” inside which the passengers will be housed. As can be seen, the stabilizer of the air giant is to be placed forward of the wing instead of behind it. The undercarriage is expected to be constructed so it can be drawn inside the ship while in flight.

Over at Wikipedia, there’s a comment in the article on Junkers:

Junkers’ produced a design study in 1924 for a visit to the United States. The study outlined a four-engined 80-passenger plane, incorporating a forward canard wing, as well as a main wing, both of which were fitted above twin pylons. Called the Junkers J.1000 Super Duck passenger seating was to be provided both in the main wing and the hull sections of the craft. This Junkers design, including a scale model, was intended to illustrate an aircraft capable of trans-Atlantic operations of 8 to 10 hours and was completely revolutionary for its day.

Various links about the plane have been collected by “Jackehammond“.


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