Appropriate safety gear – then and now

13 Sep

Here’s a photo from Mythbusters, as Adam and Jaime test the “Escaping from a submerged car” myth:

And here’s a comparison from 1960 (Popular Science magazine) of a chappie called Philip Amero who had a regular stunt where he demonstrated getting out of a car that was dropped into a pool:

Escaping from a car that sinks under water

When a car plunges into water, one of the biggest dangers to its occupants is panic, according to Philip Amero, a Miami skin diver. Frenzied efforts to escape are a major cause of drownings.

Amero, who stages escapes at an aquarium, says that occupants should not exhaust themselves trying to force open a car door until inside and outside pressures are equalized. This occurs after a few seconds as the car fills with water.

  • Ordinarily windows are shut, and he carries no special equipment to help in the stunt at Miami Seaquarium.


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