18 Sep

Three articles on using what’s around you for survival in an emergency:

From “Popular Science“, February 1963 source

How to survive a blizzard using your car and your head

  • Conroy fits face mask while Leo Morin makes warm clothing from seat upholstery.

Stranded in a snowstorm in your car, how would you survive? Don Conroy, Air Force survival specialist at Hanscom Field, Mass., suggests you tear the car apart.

Snowshoes can be improvised from fiberboard cut from inside the doors, face masks and mukluks shaped from the ceiling lining. Seat covers can be ripped into strips for leg and foot wrappings; upholstery padding can be made into warm boots.

Conroy has one more tip: Remove the spare to a safe distance. Fill a hubcap with gas by disconnecting the fuel line at the carburetor and pressing the starter. Dump the gas on the tire to start a long-lasting and bright signal fire.

  • Serviceable snowshoe is improvised from fiberboard panel cut from inside car door. It’s tied to a boot with strips ripped from the seat covers.

From “Safe Flight International”  source

Survival Uses for Aircraft Parts



etc, etc

From the very amusing “The Art of Manlinesssource

How to Use a [BUSTED] Cell Phone to Meet 5 Basic Survival Needs

Each cell phone also had a circuit board.  I used the circuit board from a SmartPhone to make two very useful items to a survivor.  I noticed that when I abraded the edge of the circuit board against a smooth rock it actually ground down to a fairly decent cutting edge.  I used half of the circuit board to make a useful cutting tool which I used to gather and cut some natural bark cordage and also scrape a pile of very fine fire tinder shavings from a dried Mullein stalk.  Both of these items are incredibly useful to a survivor.  This crude cutting tool can be used for a variety of other survival chores as well.

Making a signalling mirror from one layer of the screen was also very clever.


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