First Panorama with Hugin

21 Sep

Nothing exciting, but this test is the first time I’ve tried using the (free) software package Hugin to stitch together photos to make a wide panorama image.

The result:

The source images:

  • Notice that the third image had a pedestrian walk past – Hugin let me draw a polygon around that part of the image and say “exclude this”.
  • Hugin has rotated, distorted, and matched exposure between the images – all automatically, though you can tweak any part of the process manually.
  • The source images were 3072 x 2048 (which is 6 Megapixels), while the merged image was 4511 x 2132 (9.6 Megapixels).
  • I’ve downsampled massively to post these images – the full size images are far more detailed, and don’t have the strange wiggly artifacts on the crane booms.


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