A Little Practice with the Clone Tool

25 Sep

This is Linwood Avenue, a pleasant but busy road near my home in Christchurch. Two rows of trees, with daffodils planted amongst the grass between them. However, there’s a two lane road on each side of it, then surburban houses. The blocks are a reasonable length – a few hundred metres – with signs on the cross streets. I decided to practice my cloning skills by extending the trees and removing the cars, streets, and houses.

Here’s the source photograph, taken from slightly off-centre and with the camera about 400mm above the ground:

As well as copious use of the clone tool, I used GIMP’s resynthesis plugin which helps build chunks of texture out of sample areas. That helps avoid the dreaded “regular pattern syndrome” which can easily occur when cloning.

When I had a reasonable looking image, I copied it, shrunk it to 25% size, and blurred it:

That section got pasted into the distance of the image, roughly along the lines of perspective.

And this is the result (so far):

I expect I’ll try some more of these to improve my skills.


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