Sunset Layers

10 Oct

Another dramatic sunset, after another particularly grey and gloomy day, gave me a chance to try layering photos. Since I was shooting with exposure bracketing (the camera takes three photos, adjusting the shutter speed up and down to underexpose one and overexpose another) I ended up with sets of three photos, like these:

In addition, I was using a tripod, and with the camera set to burst mode, so all the sets of three images are almost exactly lined up without any fiddling about.

I built a layered image, with the most underexposed at the bottom, the “proper” exposure in the middle, and the lightest image at the top. Then I adjusted the percentage transparency of each layer until the result looked most interesting:

Here’s a couple more done the same way:

And one really strange, tiger-striped, image due to odd cloud patterns:


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