Tree Splodge

11 Oct

This may prove useful to someone, in some bizarre set of circumstances. This is an image transformation done with the free GIMP editor.

  • Starting with a photo of a whole bunch of trees

  • Mirror one side of the image onto the other. In GIMP, the best way to do this (that I’ve found) is:
  1. Duplicate the layer.
  2. Add an alpha (transparency) channel to the new top layer.
  3. Transform (flip horizontal) the top layer.
  4. Create a rectangular selection, then type 0, 0, <half the width>, <all the height> into the text boxes for selection size.
  5. [Delete] which will take out the left hand side of the top (reflected) layer.
  6. Flatten it down to one layer again.
  • Here’s the mirrored image:

  • Resize to a square image, in my case 2048 x 2048.

  • Flip vertically so there is sky at the bottom

  • Now, the key ingredient, Filters – Distorts – Polar Coordinates

Circle depth 100%
Offset angle 0°
Map from top
To Polar

  • Followed by a little trimming to get rid of the sky and clouds

  • And converted into a “splodge” the same way


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