Macro with Magnifying Glass (Dandelion)

16 Oct

I’ve always wanted to try macro photography but I don’t have a suitable lens. I’m using a friend’s Canon DSLR and it’s not worth buying a new lens when it wouldn’t fit the camera (a Sony) that I’m planning on buying myself. As always, there’s a way around the problem. There are a number of posts around the web about using a magnifying glass, combined with the usual lens on your camera, to do a “poor man’s macro“.

  • The setup, showing lens, dandelion, black card for background (held up by two marble blocks), and power supply:

I went hunting around in my “mirrors and lenses” box and found the top lens from an old overhead projector. Not a huge magnification but good glass and a good 75mm (3″) across. That makes it just a fraction wider than the inside of a roll of masking tape. Some hot-melt glue to fasten the masking tape roll to a metal box and I was good to go. Illumination was a 125W halogen worklight and a small 12V 50W halogen powered by the computer power supply in the background.

  • View from the camera (with room lights on).

Yes, that’s more masking tape holding the lens to the mounting.

  • A couple more shots, with various lighting and colour tweeks.


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