An Eye with GIMP (tutorial)

18 Oct

An experiment with creating an eye texture for a project. Not complete yet, and it needs work, but it looks promising and may be of use to someone.  I didn’t keep exact details the first time, and my first attempt (above) came out better than this one. Typical! I’m sure some of these steps could be done differently and/or better, but this is the way I did it.

  • Create a new image, 800×800, standard RGB, fill with black.

  • Filters, Noise, RGB noise. Set the Red, Green, and Blue sliders right across to 1.00.


  • Filters, Blur, Motion Blur. Linear, length=50, angle = 90. (The blur must be vertical).

  • Filters, Blur, Motion Blur. Linear, length=25, angle =270. (Some tutorials on the net recommend doing the motion blur a second time, backwards, to tidy things up).

  • Colors, Adjust brightness and contrast, brightness=50, contrast=30.

  • Create a new layer, name = “Centre“, fill type = transparency.
  • Use the blend tool, foreground = black, gradient = FG to Transparent, shape=linear.

  • Draw a line straight down from the top to about 200 pixels down.

  • Create a new layer, name =  “Outer
  • Draw a line straight up from the bottom, again about 200 pixels long.

  • Flatten the image (merge the three layers into one).
  • Filters, Distors, Polar Coordinates. Circle depth=100, offset angle=0, TICK Map from top, TICK To polar.

  • Colors, Colorize. Hue=35, saturation=50, lightness=0.

  • Add a new layer, name = “Pupil“.
  • Use a circular selection to fill the centre with black.

  • Remove the selection.
  •  Filters, Blur, Gaussian Blur, blur radius = 20.

  • Add a new layer, name = “Catchlight”.
  • Use the paintbrush, color = white, hardness = 50, size  = 100. Draw a squiggle for the catchlight (reflection in the eye from illumination).


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