Moonrise over Water

31 Oct

The ephemeris told me that moonrise last night would be AFTER sunset. Keen to make up for some uninspiring photos from the previous attempt, we looked around for a good viewing spot. It turned out that Monk’s Bay (about 5 minutes drive away) would see the moon rising above the entrance to the estuary, with South Shore on the left and the hills to the right. I must have driven past that point at least a hundred times in the years I’ve lived in Christchurch, but never looked over the wall to see a suprisingly pretty little area.

There was a fair bit of cloud out to sea, but the moon showed up nice and bright, casting an impressive path across the water. Exposure times were probably a bit too long – the moon ended up quite lopsided in some shots because it was moving too far while the shutter was open – but I quite liked the look of it, and the smoothed out sea.

  • You can see the distortion in the moon in this shot, but I don’t care!

  • We kept taking photos until nearly an hour after sunset, by which time it was getting quite dark, though the moon kept getting brighter.

  • This shot was taken after sunset, but before moonrise. It was actually fairly dark but the long exposure made it look brighter.


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