Big Diggers

5 Nov

One thing about living in post-earthquake Christchurch – there’s always plenty of excavators around. I did a quick expedition to collect some reference photos of excavators (particularly the track linkages and suspension). Five minutes away I found a couple sleeping and snapped some photos. A mechanic was working on the (smaller) one above and let me wander round taking photos, before it went back to work. The larger machine – and it was pretty damn big – was behind some fences but I got a few useful photos of that one as well.

  • A larger machine, from across the street to see the whole profile.

  • Back to work.

  • The tracks on the big machine were massive.

  • Lots of supporting rollers.

  • And this was what I wanted reference photos for. It’s eventually going to be part of an illustration for a science fiction robot.


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