Composition practice

23 Dec

A hot summer’s day and I decided composition practice (aka wandering around with a camera seeing what was on offer) was called for. This was a short walk in the reserve near my house.

  • A view from inside a tree.

Reserve 23122012 043 S

  • Powerlines stretching away.

Reserve 23122012 009+10 S

  • The houses on the hill and across the estuary, some boats on the water, and nesting places in the bird sanctuary.

Reserve 23122012 027 S

  • A footpath stretching away – viewed from a foot above the ground.

Reserve 23122012 081+82 S

  • A different view through a tree.

Reserve 23122012 046 S

  • A newly trimmed hedge, viewed from the end and up a few inches.

Reserve 23122012 076 S

  • A footpath curving away with the Port Hills in the background and Toi-Toi bushes to the side.

Reserve 23122012 049 S


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