A very quick and dirty holder for some tools

16 Feb

Quick tool storage A

It’s sunday morning and I don’t feel like making too much noise (courtesy to my neighbours + alcohol on Saturday night!). I wanted to do something towards making the workshop better, but without using the tablesaw or mitre saw.

Quick tool storage B

I found some scraps of mdf that were roughly the right size, if somewhat rough, and chopped them to length with a handsaw.

Quick tool storage C

A quick grid of pencil lines. 50mm x 40mm. When I made the second set of lines I remembered to centre them on the wood. If anyone asks I’ll say it was intentional – to allow more space on one side.  🙂

Quick tool storage D

Off to the drill press and drill 28x 6mm holes.

Quick tool storage F

I drilled out some of the holes a bit bigger while I had the pieces separated. 25mm, 16mm, 12mm, and a couple out to 6.5mm to hold 1/4″ (6.25mm) shafts.

Quick tool storage G

Glue and staple three pieces of 50mm wide mdf strip. A bit damaged, and a bit curvy, but that won’t matter.

Quick tool storage H

And it should be harder to misplace the marker pens, drill press key, countersink, torch, etc. I also glued on a couple of small magnets to hold my favourite hex driver bits.  Since the holes were drilled on the drill press, they are nice and straight which means I can easily enlarge any holes I want with a hand-held drill.


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