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Secure Destruction

29 Mar

I was tidying up and found some old tape backups from years ago:

Secure 1

I couldn’t just throw them out as they might have had clients’ data on them (unlikely but quite possible). Hence the blurring of the photo for security reasons – nothing to do with bad photography!

Remove two screws and you have a small set of parts:

Secure 2

Now unwind the tape off the spools and collect it into a “scrunch”.

Secure 3 - scrunch

Chop through the scrunch with a pair of scissors – four or five cuts turns it into about 100 short lengths of tape.

Secure 4 - chopped

To show how small some of the pieces end up, here’s a closeup.

Secure 5 - small pieces

And as a side benefit, the little tape reels just cry out “use me in a Science Fiction themed prop”. They are about 20mm across.

Secure 6 - reels

Of course, there were a bunch of CDs as well. They met an 8mm drill bit in the drill press.

Secure 7 - cds

A technique which actually works quite well with the larger Zip (100MB) and Jaz (1GB) disks.

Secure 8 - jaz & zip

None of this would stop the CIA from recovering (most of) the information, but your average “go through your rubbish and see what I can find” chappie would have a lot more trouble.