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Cracks in Buildings

22 Apr

We spotted some interesting cracks in buildings (legacy of the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes) as we were cycling the other day, and went back the next day to grab some photos. Generally I haven’t bothered taking photos of earthquake damage – thousands of keen photographers have wandered the city since day one. However, these made some interesting compositions, and many were rather ephemeral as they were marked by paint but the walls they were on hadn’t been repainted yet.

A nice blue and white pattern. This is a composition of five photos but the vertical joins aren’t an artifact of that, but actual joins on the building.

Cracks and Buildings - blue and white panorama

Another nice and contrasty building.

Cracks and Buildings - tan

A couple more with interesting patterns, but which hadn’t been highlighted with paint, alas.

Cracks and Buildings - rentokil Cracks and Buildings - around door

I liked the way this palm tree was set off by the pair of vertical cracks.

Cracks and Buildings - palm tree S

There were some other interesting photo opportunities as well, like this towering pile of containers.

Cracks and Buildings - containers

A tangle of pipes around the LPG filling depot.

Cracks and Buildings - pipes S

And my favourite, a nice example of machinery repair the end-user way. It was a big fan, about 3 feet across, and those are tarpaulins stuffed into it.

Cracks and Buildings - turn no more